5 Year Anniversary of Anadara Designs

The Denton Main Street Association is celebrating the 5-year anniversary of Anadara Designs, a full service boutique interiors studio.

Learn about their business launch story, overcoming the pandemic, and involvement in the Denton community.


From Side Gig to Entrepreneur

After working at the family-owned Ethan Allen store in Denton for 28 years, the shop unexpectedly shut its doors in 2016. Shocked and overwhelmed, Anadara Braun-Good and her husband got out of Texas to take a breather and figure out what to do next. 

The answer became clear — to launch her own business, Anadara Designs. 

Anadara turned her days off side gig of remodels and design work for clients in DFW into a full-time entrepreneurial endeavor.

As soon as she gave it a shot, she never looked back. 

With the help of her artist husband, Randall M. Good, to design a logo and a tech-savvy friend who designed websites, she received everything needed to establish her brand online and ordered professional business cards to spread the word. 

Since launching, she thankfully hasn’t needed to advertise to grow her business. Most of her business comes by word-of-mouth referrals (and she likes it that way, too). Anadara’s trusted clientele typically brings in quality referrals who are not only willing to pay for her services and products, but also know what to expect when choosing to work with her. 

Anadara Designs is a boutique studio that provides access to high quality and comprehensive design services. Forget the cookie cutter — each project, big and small, is an artistic process that turns her happy clients into repeat clients and referrals. 

From picking a new rug to match the room, refreshing a room to match the rug, or even a full-blown remodel, Anadara offers a truly customized process that fits the unique needs of each client. While honoring the client’s wishes, she ensures each client makes an informed decision throughout the project journey by giving honest design direction. 

Over the next few years, Anadara was able to grow her business to the max with a steady stream of remodels and design services, revamping everything from kitchens and baths -  even simple paint jobs. 

Then COVID...

When the pandemic storm rolled through and shut everything down in March 2020, Anadara knew her only choice was to find a way to fly or go bankrupt. 

Thankfully, just 6 weeks later in May 2020, the stars realigned. 

A few things helped Anadara Designs stay afloat during the pandemic. Shortly before the shutdown and material shortages occurred, she had already lined up all orders to get everything she needed to complete existing client projects. Material suppliers also became an essential business to produce necessary masks and gowns. So even though she didn’t have a storefront, as the pandemic continued, clients could meet at her covered front porch “showroom” to safely see and select their material options. 

Last but not least, because people were at home more than ever, they were starting to pay attention to their surroundings and realizing the need for a refreshed space. That’s when they knew to call Anadara Designs.

In June 2021, Anadara Designs celebrated its 5th anniversary.

The Art of Being Involved

Aside from being a long-time Silver Member of the Denton Main Street Association, Anadara is also on the board of the Artists Enclave of Denton County. She loves how this organization brings together the diverse artistic talent of Denton into the same playing field to collectively support one another — from original art, to dance, documentary filmmaking, music, theater and everything in between.

Anadara also knows the beneficial value of supporting the Denton Main Street Association. In fact, she says she even can spot a Main Street City anytime she travels, because there’s a true sense of pride and ownership that you don’t see in non-MSA towns. Even the smallest things like flower boxes, benches, and tree lights that make our own Main Street look beautiful are things we cannot take for granted for a thriving, welcoming downtown district. 

She loves the Denton community and being involved in local organizations because they provide fantastic opportunities to make connections and network with others. 

Designing Her Own Future

Anadara Designs helps folks create places they want to be, not just places they have to be — and she wants to do that for herself, too. 

Once material costs go down and contractors become more available, Anadara hopes to convert her garage into a designated work space. Currently using her living room as an office, drawings and samples are piling high that make it difficult to separate work from home. 

Plus, she’s ready to invite people back over to her house, not her “office.”

She knows firsthand that whether it’s your home or business (or a combination of both), you spend a lot of time there every day. That’s why Anadara focuses on providing functionality and a sense of peace and wellbeing for each space, regardless of size. 


Learn more about Anadara Designs: https://www.AnadaraDesigns.com 




Author: Courtney Stucky | Aspiro Agency


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