5 Year Anniversary of Regenrus

Denton Main Street Association member, Regenrus, is celebrating its 5 year anniversary this month. Help us celebrate Cindy Love Tysinger and her team’s accomplishments and their continued impact in our community (and the world!).


Passion with a Purpose 


After founding GSATi in 2008, an award-winning eCommerce website development firm in Denton with her sons, Cindy Love Tysinger handed over the company to her son Jason as CEO and Erik as President in 2017. Even though she helped build this family-owned business from the ground up with clients ranging from startups, small businesses and enterprise clients up to $750M+, Cindy decided it was time to take her highly successful background in corporate tech and entrepreneurship to pursue her passion for wellness, and a building a business that’s a force for good. 

Her passion for wellness runs deep — she even healed herself from a disease when she was 36 years old, so wellness has remained an integral part of her lifelong journey and career.

Quality plant-based supplements and skincare starts with using the cleanest of ingredients in the most effective delivery system for absorption and efficacy. Plus, the fact that less than 30 ingredients are considered “taboo” in the U.S. (while considering that the UK has over 1,300 red flag ingredients) reveals that their current certified nontoxic skincare products are definitely good for our bodies. That’s why Cindy believes (even from her own experience) that if what you put in and on your body has the right nutrients, along with good nutrition and movement, the body has the ability to properly heal and function optimally. 

In 2017, Cindy was even selected as one of the few women entrepreneurs to go to Harvard Business School to learn how to grow GSATI as a high growth company… and shortly after, Regenrus was born. 

Regenrus means being regenerative, leaving everything better than it was, and being generous in everything they do — for people, animals and our planet must come before profit.

With her own personal health journey seeking to balance, repair and restore her health (along with being a new grandma “Nonna” to a precious grandson!), Cindy along with her sister Brenda as co-founder sought out to make our world a better place for current and future generations through unique, science-based, synergistic products and services that work to vastly improve our quality of life through supporting the whole body, mind and spirit. 


Regenrus started with their flagship wellness product called REGEN, a potent liquid supplement with organic full spectrum hemp, aloe, ginger, and turmeric.

Now, Regenrus has over 30 self-care products including, liquid supplements, and even loose-leaf teas. Higher potency means higher absorption (using Liposomal), and all Regenrus products are organic and skin care is Certified Non-Toxic and Vegan. The products are also non-addictive, gender-neutral, and safe.

But the heart behind Regenrus is giving back — putting people, animals, and the planet before profit.

Cindy wanted to ensure all Regenrus product sales would generously pay it forward.  Since the very first product sourced or sold 4% of all sales have been donated to social causes. To help make an even greater difference, in 2021, they officially launched a 501(c)(3) nonprofit sector of their brand: RegenrusCARES™

Their social impact has been so great that they were even certified to become a B Corp. Businesses that are B Corp certified are businesses doing good in the world. Becoming certified by B Labs (along with well-known brands like Toms and Patagonia) was a year-long process…but their efforts paid off in December 2021. There are only approximately 5,000 businesses in the world that are certified.

And now they are proud to be the first B Corp in Denton – and only one of the few in Texas!

In addition to becoming a certified B Corp, Regenrus was also honored to be recognized in the top 5% of B Corps featured in the 2022 Best for the World in the categories of community and governance based on business size. 

For every product sourced and sold, RegenrusCARES™ donates a minimum of 4% to a nonprofit, charity or cause. For example, their proceeds have helped feed over 15 million malnourished orphans across the world and they have donated to over 55 nonprofits (including many Denton-based orgs) since 2017. 

To say the least, Regenrus provides top-quality products and services with a REAL impact on our world. 


Impacting the World…But Impacted by COVID

When Regenrus first started in 2017, it was a wellness product line at first. But Cindy’s daughter-in-law Tiffany, who is a celebrity makeup artist in Austin, partnered with fellow skin care expert, Kristin and Brenda’s daughter, Jessica, to add a full clean skin care line to the brand.

After all, skin is our largest organ, and we need to make sure what we are putting on our bodies is helping the body to heal, not doing harm.  

Once the product line came into fruition, sales were growing like crazy. With many tradeshows and Sip & Spa events across the U.S. to promote and sell the new product line, Cindy and team hit the road in February 2020. 

regenrus sip and spa

But then everything stopped when the pandemic came along, enforcing travel restrictions and halting in-person events. Suddenly, their sales were down 30% from 2019 to 2020. Thankfully, they are now starting to catch back up to where they were before the pandemic.

In 2022, Regenrus expanded to a brick-and-mortar wellness center that offers a variety of self-care events including yoga, guided meditation, sound baths, reflexology, reiki healing, crystals, aromatherapy, wine and tea education, Qigong, and so much more. 

Cindy founded the wellness center with co-founder DeAndra in hopes of providing a haven for holistic living, allowing women and men to have more access to self-care, self-love, stress relief, increased energy and balance to their life. Regenrus also collaborates with a team of local, holistic, and heart-centered healers, instructors, and practitioners to support the vibrant community of Denton — and that includes their mindful marketplace, an online site that helps like-minded businesses (with social impact missions) make more eCommerce sales. You’ll even see local businesses such as Juliet Jewels and Salted Sanctuary Soap featured! Cindy believes in partnering with other businesses, mainly women entrepreneurs, so that we can all rise together. 

The wellness center celebrated their ribbon cutting in July 2022 and they are excited about celebrating their 5-year anniversary in August!


Bringing Wellness into the Future

Even with a full lineup of fantastic products that customers love, Cindy is excited about some new wellness products coming soon — including an exclusive liquid blend formulated by her team made with necessary vitamins and minerals (zinc, magnesium, B12, vitamin D3/K2, etc.) with high absorption. 

regenrus events

They will continue to offer consistent community events at their wellness center on the Denton Square, including:

  • Sip and Spa: Enjoy bubbles, brunch foods, and have fun trying skincare products for a rejuvenated body. Occurs once per month on the third Saturday. They also have occasional Monday gatherings for retail folks. They even have virtual Sip and Spa events!
  • Wine Down Wednesdays & Fridays: Enjoy wine, nibbles, and the meditation room for stretching and guided meditation. Occurs every Friday. They have added a second class during the week due to popular demand and having a 10-person limit.
  • Wine Tasting Education: Once a month on the first Wednesday and Tea Tasting Education: Once a month on the 2nd Thursday.
  • Movement and Energetic work including Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, Reiki, Sound Baths, Guided meditation and more.
  • Massages, facials, reflexology, aroma touch are all performed by expert practitioners.

Future events may include:

  • High Tea parties.
  • Workshops on beekeeping, wellness, nutrition, gardening, etc including virtual options.
  • Mental Health support.

Check out all upcoming events here.

Cindy shared they are also moving towards providing corporate wellness programs and retreats at the wellness center, as well to empower and support clients to succeed on their path to achieving wellness to live a more vibrant life. Wanting to help people, repair, restore and rejuvenate in a holistic manner to be more proactive and preventative towards their health.

denton drum circle regenrus


Giving Back to the Community

Regenrus has been a member of the Denton Main Street Association since 2020. Through the DMSA, Cindy has seen the impact of her brand’s visibility through involvement (including the Promotions Committee), having products listed on their virtual marketplace, and involved in various events (including the backpack drive, Mimosa Hop, having a booth at Arts & Autos, and more). 

They are also big supporters of the Denton community. Regenrus has donated to various silent auctions, donated to and sponsored nonprofits including Children's Advocacy Center, Friends of the Family, and Denton Animal Shelter, volunteered at Our Daily Bread, Keep Denton Beautiful and much more.

regenrus denton






Author: Courtney Stucky | Aspiro Agency

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