About the Downtown Denton Beautiful Business Award

As the Ocean Conservancy says, “No matter where you live, trash can travel from your hands to storm drains to streams and to the sea.” 

With this in mind, the Denton Main Street Association is making a new mark in downtown Denton by encouraging local businesses to participate in a program designed to keep our beloved community clean and beautiful.

What is the Downtown Beautiful Business Award?


Launched in April 2021, the Downtown Beautiful Business Award is a new DMSA initiative to promote a clean and vibrant business district through litter cleanups and beautification.

Each month, the Denton Main Street Association (in cooperation with Keep Denton Beautiful, City of Denton Economic Development, and City of Denton Solid Waste & Recycling), will award the Beautiful Business Award to a business who has done an exemplary job keeping their property clean and has enhanced the area with beautification efforts.

Who is Eligible?

Businesses that have a litter-free front and back area that’s neatly maintained (if visible to the street or public walkways) and are located within the Denton Main Street Association downtown boundaries* will be considered for the award. 

A business is eligible to win semi-annually.

*Boundaries are the south side of University Drive and north of Eagle Drive between Carroll Boulevard and Bell Avenue, in addition to E. Hickory from Bell to Exposition Street.

How to Nominate a Business: 

The public can nominate businesses using the link below (businesses may nominate themselves). Nominations are due by the 20th of each month. 

Nominate a Downtown Beautiful Business. 

How Businesses are Judged: 

A team of volunteer judges who are members of the DMSA will go around downtown to review nominated businesses and select one business each month as the winner of this award. A rotating Lead Judge will seek out a winning business if no public nominations are received.

The winning business will be notified by the first week of the following month and provided the award.

What the Winner Receives: 

The winner will receive recognition on the Denton Main Street Association eNewsletter and a social media post (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) on Denton MSA, Keep Denton Beautiful and City of Denton Economic Development. 

The winning business also gets bragging rights, a window cling, and the coveted traveling “Golden Broom & Dustpan” trophy to prominently and securely display in their window or entryway until the next month’s winner is awarded.

downtown denton beautiful business award


At the end of each month, a DMSA volunteer judge will come to retrieve the Golden Broom trophy and it will be awarded to the business who wins the Downtown Beautiful Business Award the following month.

Why does it matter?

Over 435 million pieces of visible litter accumulate in Texas communities, roadways, rivers, and beaches, costing American taxpayers over $11 billion each year in cleanup decreasing property values by 7% in littered communities.

Tobacco products also make up more than 35% percent of all litter, including cigarette butts. 

And 80% of land-based litter finds its way to storm drains which feed directly into local streams, lakes and rivers that eventually dumps into the Gulf of Mexico, harming ocean life. 

As Trash Free Texas perfectly puts it, “Litter is unsightly, and it negatively impacts businesses, tourism and community pride. It also poses a threat to human health and safety, as well as wildlife and the environment.”

So we at the Denton Main Street Association believe that it’s our responsibility to create an initiative that encourages our local business owners to step up and take ownership of maintaining the area their business resides. 

Tips for keeping your business clean:

  • In addition to being a litter-free zone, keep your business looking beautiful by maintaining curb appeal with well-kept plants, window decorations, displays, etc.

  • Don’t forget about picking up any doggone dog waste! Encourage visitors to clean up after their pets by providing doggie bag stations around your patio/outdoor areas.

  • Once a day, assign a staff member to spend 10 minutes cleaning up litter around your area so it’s maintained in achievable, small steps.

  • Make sure outdoor trash cans are securely fastened and have some form of a lid to prevent trash from blowing out.

  • Don’t forget about cleaning up those pesky little cigarette butts around areas that people congregate, eat, drink or sit at. Remember: tobacco products make up 35% of all litter. If your business allows smoking, make sure each table or area has a cigarette tray to encourage people to put butts inside instead of the ground. 

  • Be careful about napkins and disposable cups, plates, etc. when serving food or drink outside to prevent those materials blowing away. Opt for reusable material when possible. 

Nominate a Downtown Beautiful Business today! 



Author: Courtney Stucky, Aspiro Agency



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