Chalkfest 2016 Winners

The Annual Arts & Autos Extravaganza was this past weekend and it was a success despite the rainy start to the day.  The festival attracted more than 8,500 visitors to the square to see artists and crafters, classic cars, trucks and motorcycles, hear great live music and enjoy festival foods. But, another main attraction of the event is the Chalk Fest which was held on West Oak and Cedar streets this year with 4 age groups competing for the top 3 places in their category to win cash prizes.  The talent was rich and the art plentiful with colorful creations that added to the art scene Denton is known for, especially with all the local artist work that is featured daily in studios and stores in downtown.

We want to thank the Chalk Fest sponsors, Ann & Bill Ennis, for their generous support of this event. We congratulate the winners for the fantastic work and thank all the 78 participants for coming out to smudge for a day.  The winners of the 2016 competition are listed below and we look forward to seeing more wonderful work next year.

Winners for Chalk Fest:

6 & UNDER:

  • 1st – Genero Campbell  
  • 2nd – Kinlee Jones  
  • 3rd – Hannah Russell

7 – 11:

  • 1st – Cora Stellings
  • 2nd – Bijou Duff
  • 3rd (tied) – Jaxon Simental & Bernadette Vega


  • 1st – Aislyn Mossman
  • 2nd – Samuel Edwards
  • 3rd – Jordan Wiley

18 & UP:

  • 1st – Ashley Wright
  • 2nd – Kate Amberson
  • 3rd  – Heidi Berry

Chalkfest Photos

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