DMSA Welcomes DMSF With A Beer Crawl!

You may have heard about the upcoming Denton Craft Beer Crawl on May 22nd here in Downtown Denton, benefiting the new Denton Main Street Foundation. For those who aren’t aware, we’d like to bring you up to speed a bit on some recent happenings that are helping us grow our ways to support and preserve our Downtown District’s history and culture.

In 1990, Denton became a Main Street City, and with that, along with the steady increase of businesses and revitalization of the area in the works, Denton Main Street Association was born. For three decades, we as an organization have worked to promote and preserve the vitality of the local businesses, and the surrounding culture they brought with them to us and to our Downtown District. We have been recognized at both a state and national level as a model of excellence for downtown city projects, thanks to the work of our city and community exerted to preserve the history of Denton that lies within the walls of many businesses around town. With that in mind, DMSA decided to form a new 501c3 alongside our 501c6 that would help us continue to drive our mission, but in different, greater ways.

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Under the Denton Main Street Foundation, we are able to allow for more opportunities for individuals, businesses, and corporations to support the promotion and preservation of our Downtown’s cultural arts and historic traditions. This includes the many historic buildings we know and love downtown, which have seen a great influx of revitalization, complete with great building transformations, and bursts of new businesses within these works of (art) renovation. Under the governance of our board of directors, comprised of a few DMSA members and citizens at large, we are working at full stride, full steam ahead to put break ground on these opportunities, like supporting the Arts Walk of Fame, for starters.

The Denton Main Street Association will continue to be an organization that will promote its members and market downtown Denton as a destination with its events, festivals and great marketing and social media, as well as give a voice to concerns of downtown building owners and business owners that allows us to help protect the significance of downtown Denton.  

So, if you love Downtown Denton, and you want to help us grow the area in bigger, better ways, join us for our first Denton Craft Beer Crawl on Wednesday, May 22nd from 6pm to 9pm. This fundraising event  is a great way to support downtown Denton preservation, since we are donating 100% of proceeds raised during the event. We hope to highlight this robust industry of craft beer makers in Downtown. The surge of these types of businesses has contributed in large part to downtown Denton’s recent revitalization efforts. For this particular event, we will be raising funds to directly support the Denton Arts Walk of Fame, a budding program dedicated to recognizing those from the Fine Arts realm who helped put Denton the map.

We hope you will support these two entities with your membership in DMSA or participation and attendance at fundraising events - there are many more to come!

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