Fall In Love With DMSA Members

As our community grows, we are fortunate enough to watch our DMSA membership grow as well. Read on for a few quick interviews with some of our new, and “newer” business and Patron members that chose to support Downtown Denton and themselves in the name of their love for Denton.

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How long have you lived in Denton?

Since 1993 when my parents and I moved here when I was a kid.

What do you do in our community?

I book events and shows for Backyard on Bell and Bearded Monk.

Why did you choose to join DMSA?

I’m always here! I love our local business community and supporting it as best I can. I thought, what better way to support them than joining DMSA?

What’s your favorite thing about Downtown Denton?

I love that no matter what time of day or of the week, there is always something going on.


How long you’ve lived in Denton?

Corey Bobbitt and myself (Kyle Krueger) were born and raised here in beautiful Denton, TX. 

Micah Fleck our other partner moved here from Illinois at 15 years old and only ever left to go to college in San Marcos.

How long have you been a business? 

November 1st will be our 2 year anniversary from when we officially opened the restaurant.

Why you all chose Denton as your business’ home?

As I mentioned, we all grew up here and live here currently. Why would we choose anywhere else to open our first restaurant? It really is a dream come true for the three of us. We have a lot of friends that own businesses here, and always wanted to join the party and this wonderful group of local business owners, especially here in the downtown area. 

Why you all chose to join DMSA? 

We hosted an event last year for DMSA and were like, “ why aren't we apart of this group? ”  Being first time business owners, there has been a lot to learn and figure out on the fly. We want to be as heavily involved in the community and the downtown area as possible. DMSA seemed like an obvious and great start to accomplish that goal.

Any upcoming ventures or events or social links you may have that you’d like to share?

  • We have been anxiously awaiting the airing of an episode of Food Paradise on The Travel Channel that we were featured on. Was scheduled to air on September 18th, but has been pushed back, still waiting to hear when.

  • We recently signed a lease (formally Erbert and Gerberts) on UNT campus, where we will open a fast casual Poké restaurant. More details to come. But it will feature Bowlz Rollz and Ritoz


How long have you lived in Denton?

I have lived in Denton since 1995. 

How long have you been a Denton business?

The Denton Community Market was founded in 2009 but it's first Market Season was in 2010. We will be celebrating our 10th Season in 2019. 

Why did you choose to join DMSA?

The DCM joined the DMSA because there is a symbiotic relationship between the Market and the Downtown. The DCM is located in the downtown and it is a weekly event that attracts thousands of people to the area. The DCM also benefits from the Downtown events and activities as well. The DCM encourages people to walk and bike to our event and enjoy the downtown area before or afterwards. The DCM promotes the livability and vibrancy of the Downtown in featuring local businesses and activities. 

What’s your favorite thing about Downtown Denton?

My favorite thing is the focus on the unique aspects Denton's Downtown, music scene, and the local culture. The DCM benefits from and further encourages the development of local culture and commerce. 

Any upcoming events you’d like us to share?

Holiday Market: November 24th, 9AM to 3PM (extended hours). 

Looking to give back DMSA or want to promote your business? Start today by becoming a business or patron member by clicking here.

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