Fall Into Change: Oak Street Updates

Summer 2017 brought many changes to Downtown Denton. From big moves to new digs, our Main Street Associaton members have been cooking up a storm of changes for us to, for lack of a better word, fall into just in time for the Fall season. Read on for updates straight from the mouths of Wine Squared, Denton Parlor, Serendipity and our newest members, Captiva Salon. 

Wine Squared

Since 2005, this punk-a-rific one-and-only wine bar has provided an eclectic atmosphere fit for any Dentonite (of age) looking to get away on any given afternoon or evening. However, like any one or any business, these guys were eager for a change in more ways than one. “We really wanted to open the space,” quoted (what is his official role for now?) George Ferrerie. “To us, it felt very cramped despite the lively ambiance and seating. We wanted to keep the positive aspect of what we had, but add more of ‘lounge’ feel.” In went the renovations! Featuring an extended seating area and improved outdoor patio seating, Brook, George, and staff took their vision and made it a reality. In addition to physical changes, the team stated that there will be upcoming added benefits as well. “We’ve recently shifted our focus towards creating an improved customer experience from end-to-end. We are offering educational opportunities such as wine tastings, as well as training our team to operate more within the wine concierge realm. We’re also offering completely customizable wine orders by the case in addition to our single bottle services; each complete dealer’s choice,” said Ferrerie. Needless to say, we’re excited to watch Wine Squared transform from wine bar to wine wonderland.

Denton Parlor

We're almost certain our town has grown to learn of one of its newest additions to the on-the-square family, and we're eager to share the full scoop with MSA members and friends. Introducing the Denton Parlor, our newest one-stop-shop for grooming, local art and vape aka e-cigarette needs. What started as a half vape, half barber shop has slowly grown into a pomade connoisseurs dreamland. "We originally opened with the vape shop and barber features for the sole purpose of convenience and ease in transition to our full vision," quoted owner Nite Davis. "We wanted to offer to Denton what we hadn't really seen before: A place for people to stop in and purchase boutique hair and beard care items that you can't find elsewhere, while also freshening up that evening or before-work look on a dime. We also strive to be active in promoting the arts community of Denton. That's why anytime you come in, you'll see a feature of artists' work, such as Meat Paw Studios which we have on display now.  We'll have different artists in the coming months as well." Guests may also happen upon the Denton Skate Supply display, complete with merchandise from local skaters and supporters who are working to raise funds for a new, closer skate park for Downtown Denton. Every purchase of the skate zines goes toward building a brand-new, safe and accessible skate park to be enjoyed by Dentonians of all ages. We're excited to watch this business grow itself as well as the ventures of others! 

Serendipity "On the Square" 

The rumors are true: Serendipity will no longer be located on the square! However, that doesn't mean our refurbishing friends are gone for good! The Serendipity team has found an amazing, new, off-the-square location on Locust St. that will be aptly named "The Serendipity House." Guests are still welcome to pop in for a petite shopping spree, and furniture workshops will be available by the plenty, especially with the addition of even more space to craft and communicate with friends and family! The future looks bright and spacious for Serendipity; we couldn't be more excited to watch this MSA member family grow! 

Captiva Salon

Welcome to the on-the-square family, our newest salon services addition: Captiva Salon and Spa. Originally opened in 2010 by a mother-daughter team, the Captiva Team strives to provide the most upscale salon experience, while still making you feel right at home. Their stylists and skincare specialists are all expertly trained professionals and home-grown Dentonians to boot! With ambitious goals to consistently train, update and innovate their team's products, services and level of skills, rest assured the Captiva Salon team are ready to make an impact on the beauty community of Denton. Mark your calendars for their official grand opening on Wednesday, September 20th at 4:30pm. Complimentary refreshments and mini-make up and hair services will be available as well. Let's welcome this new-to-us crew to the Downtown Denton family! 

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Photography by Danielle Longueville

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