Hop Into 2018 with New Main Street Members!

Spring is a time for celebrations of new beginnings and adventures. What better way to celebrate than to share with our  Downtown Denton friends some of our newest(new-ish) Main Street members to join the DMSA family. Read on and meet (or re-meet) some of our newest local businesses and learn why they chose DMSA and our revered community. 

a picture of denton county brewing company glasses with some beer in them inside a bar

Denton County Brewing Company  

Founded in 2015 and opened in the brick-and-mortar location in 2017, Denton County Brewing Company drinks, brews and breathes Denton. Owner Seth Morgan has been in Denton City limits for his nearly-entire life. His combined background of a love for Denton and education from the Vermont American Brewers Guild inspired what we know as Denton County Brewing Company today: A local brewery complete with unique relaxing spaces and a touch of Denton around every corner, down to the wheat used to brew the beer! 

Why Denton, and why DMSA? " For me, Denton is amazing to me because of its ability to be immune to the massive growth and change surrounding us as the suburbias grow. Despite everything, Denton stays truly uniquely itself, and we love every aspect of it. We chose to join DMSA because we truly believe in the mission of the organization and the people behind it. They are truly passionate about giving back to and preserving the parts of our community that we all know and love. We're truly excited to be part of it." — Seth Morgan, owner. 

Upcoming Events?  We're hosting a March Madness-style beer bracket for IPA’s. It will be 16 Texas IPA’s vs. 16 IPA’s from the rest of the country in a blind taste test. Each week the winner will advance until we have a champion.

  • March 15-18 Round of 16
  • March 19-25 Round of 8
  • March 26-31 Final Four

a picture of a door with a ready rosie logo on it

Ready Rosie

Founded in 2012, ReadyRosie empowers parents across the nation ( and a bit of the globe, too) using "video modeling & mobile technology to build partnerships between families & educators to promote school readiness." Founder Emily Roden and husband Kevin Roden have been members of the Denton community since the early 90s, where they met at UNT and fell in love with our community. Their love for our town, combined with their love for children and education is what sparked the beginnings of this local startup turned national company. 

Why Denton, why DMSA? " The startup community in Denton was right at our fingertips when we got started. We were thankful that most resources we would need - developers, content folks, etc. - were all here in Denton. There's a wealth of talent to tap into here that's unmatchable elsewhere. Also, being an educational company, we needed a strong, local support from within that industry. Denton ISD has been profoundly supportive since the beginning, and that really helped us make headway as a company. Today, we're now in over 4500 schools and school districts across the nation. "

" We chose to join and support Denton Main Street Association because we knew we wanted to be part of Downtown Denton and stay here as not just a family, but as a business. There are so many places to take clients to and showcase our unique city,  from coffee to happy hour to fine dining. Denton thrives on this eclectic mix of daytime and nighttime life, each their own unique hustle and bustle. It's interesting to watch from our perspective, and even more wonderful to be a part of. DMSA is committed to maintaining this culture, this environment we've created, and we're committed to joining and being part of it, too. " - Kevin Roden

a picture of the door of juicy pig with their robot pig logo

Juicy Pig Barbecue 

Housed in the old JB's Dairy Bar since 2016, Juicy Pig Barbecue is Grade A home-smoked, pickled and basted house of delicious barbecue, with a bit of Denton history in every bite. Owner Ken Currin & GM LeAnn Barr are near-lifetime and lifetime residents, respectively, of Denton and full-time lovers of our amazing community. From their mural by Artlab 3000 to the fully stacked barbecue sandwich the Mojica, one would be hard-pressed to find a corner of this establishment untouched by what Denton inspires within the Juicy Pig family. 

Why Denton, and why DMSA? " Why Denton? Any and all of it, really! The eclectic nature, the people who create it, and everything in between are really why we love what keeps Denton, Denton. There's no place like it! We chose DMSA because the organization is in line with our passion and vision for Denton and its future. In addition to our sister restaurants Greenhouse and Loco Café, we've been in this Locust St. neighborhood area for some time and have watched it grow and flourish. We're ready to watch the growth continue with the help of DMSA and our community." — Kenn Barr, owner. 

Upcoming Events you'd like to share? We are looking to participate in the Lucky Lous Taco Fest. We are also trying to get an annual event going for sometime in June called the Pig Jam, with music and costume contest for prizes. 

a sign that is painted with wildflower art studio

Wildflower Art Studio

A heartfelt welcome to one of our newest members to the DMSA family and Downtown Denton community: Wildflower Art Studio! Officially a business since 2013 and almost immediately-recently a brick-and-mortar business, Emile Stewart has been an artist and entrepreneur since she was 11 years old. Her short time of six years in Denton inspired Stewart to grow her business in our community - we couldn't be happier to have her! 

Why Denton, and why DMSA? " I chose Denton naturally for the Creative community and its profound support of fellow artists and local business. Joining DMSA was led with the intention of plugging into the fun activities DMSA hosts, as well as further establishing connections with other small businesses.  We're really excited to be part of this incredible community. " — Emile Stewart, owner. 

Upcoming Events you'd like to share? Kids Summer Art Camps will start in June.  And we've added a few more Adult Workshops to meet the demands of the community - so excited! 

Love DMSA and the Downtown Denton community? Learn more about how to become a member of Denton Main Street Association and give back to this amazing community we all know and love. 

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