Keep Cool With DMSA

This summer is a hot one, folks. Beat the heat by staying indoors - like the inside of these DMSA retail businesses who are ready to keep you physically and aesthetically “cool.” Check out these new and newish member businesses who each have an eclectic, authentically unique selection of DIY, handmade, local, and floral goods: Flowergarden118, Denton Trading Company, and The DIME Store. 


An operating business since the 60s, Flowergarden118 has been a locally known source for beautiful floral arrangements, bouquets and - yes Birkenstocks. Now, current owner Cindy (last name?) and a long-time employee of Flowergarden has a greater vision for the shop. Located off Congress and Elm St, the Flowergarden staff brings more than just the usual. They've upped their inventory to include knick knacks, beautiful home décor accessories and clothing as well. 

Why Denton? "Well, it's just where we've been this whole time. My husband and I both were born here, graduating from DISD schools and then UNT. We truly did not become interested in being owners of the shop until the opportunity presented itself. " - Cindy Simmons, owner. 

Why DMSA? " Main Street is a great organization to support because it truly works to support businesses. They help close that gap between the businesses and the community it serves. 

Any Upcoming events or specials?  Check our social media accounts for details on weekly specials. 


Operating as Denton's Independent Maker Exchange since 2013, the DIME store serves as the perfect one-stop-shop for all things handmade, DIY, and locally sourced from Denton artisans and handmakers themselves. From ceramics and glass to prints or wax, this spot truly has it all. 

How long have you lived in Denton?  " I've been a Denton resident for 11 years now and a Denton  business owner for 5 years." Shelley Christner, owner. 

Why DMSA? " We love the vibrant programs DMSA puts together that includes and supports the entire community, while also supporting our local businesses. We're glad to be part of such an awesome organization. To see the growth happen through their programs and efforts is really wonderful to witness." 

Any Upcoming events or specials? We have First Friday coming up in August, which will feature our Fall maker product launch, and Handmade Harvest—November 3rd at Denton Convention Center! 


Denton Trading Company is one of our on the square's newest businesses to join the neighborhood! Complete with locally sourced goods, an excellent selection of unique trinkets, and local art to make for a fun shopping experience.

Why Denton? "We love it! We are Roanoke natives and current residents, and really enjoyed coming to Denton for entertainment, dining and shopping. This place is thriving in new opportunities and tons of growth, all while staying unique. We felt our first business, Roanoke Trading Company, was unique just like Denton, and we wanted to bring it to town." - Kristin, owner. 

Why DMSA? "Truthfully, we joined because Jason Bodor of GSATi and George Ferrie of Wine Squared told us we needed to join. They came by a few days before we opened and introduced themselves, offering their help with our grand opening needs. It was so wonderful to be welcomed and guided in such a big way! We are glad we took their word for it, as DMSA has been great for us. We as a team love to give back to the community, and this is a great start for us as a business and carrying that same love to the community here." 

Any upcoming events or specials share? We are working on bringing wine tasting and charcuterie plate building classes to our store. These would be classes where you'd learn about wine and cured meats, cheeses, etc. on a regional basis, which you're able to enjoy as the class goes on. More details coming soon. 

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