Keeping walking in downtown and make your next stop Twilight Tunes

National Walking Day kicked off in Downtown Denton earlier this month with a one-mile walk and run event designed to get people moving around and improving their health while enjoying all Downtown Denton has to offer.  Everyone is encouraged to keep walking through the month of April and beyond.  The spring activities and patio dining on every block give everyone the perfect reason to walk around Downtown Denton. 

You can keep up your walking goals as you head to Twilight Tunes which kicks off this Thursday evening, April 21 on the Denton County Courthouse-on-the-Square lawn. Twilight Tunes is a free concert series presented by the Denton Main Street Association and generous sponsors.  It features musicians from the Denton area who perform from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. each Thursday April 21 through June 30. The bands range from country, rock and chichi to jazz, funk and blues, and more in between with a sound for everyone to enjoy. A full schedule can be found on the Tunes page of this website.

Pack up the lawn chair or a blanket to get a great seat.  Park at any of the public parking lots around Downtown Denton and grab a bite to go any one of the many downtown dining establishments.  And, if the walking up to the square didn’t get you moving enough, the beat at Twilight Tunes is sure to keep you moving your feet.

Finally, pack an umbrella.  If it rains the concert moves indoors to one of the restaurants and you can still enjoy a night out in Downtown Denton. Rain location information is always posted on Facebook and on the Tunes page of this website with the rain location information for that date. Keep watching the weather and then check the page for updates the day of the concert.

In addition to the walking benefits on Thursday nights, here are some other tips below that our friends at Seniors in Motion gave us to help us keep walking as often as we can.

Benefits of parking farther away from your destination:

·        You may end up actually saving time if you consistently park in a parking lot that might be just a bit farther away than you prefer. Attempting to find the closest spot possible around the square during busy times can quite often lead to circling around 4 or 5 times before a spot finally opens and you might miss some fun.

·        You may actually save time. There is a very good chance that as you try to leave your parking spot, you’re going to have to wait on people walking by, or other cars driving by or trying to leave their spots.

·        As you walk to through Downtown Denton, you will find new and exciting places that you want to come back and visit that you would never have seen otherwise.

As always, whenever you are walking in Downtown Denton, be safe and follow the cross walk lanes and signals.  There are plenty of places to safely cross the street and make it to your destination. 

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