"Little d" Bike Racks

Did you know that riding your bike not only helps you to be active, but you will also get to see parts of Denton that people driving cars will not. When you’re riding your bike around our beautiful city and see a store that catches your eye, you want to go in and look around, but you can’t just leave your bike unattended so what do you do? Have no fear, The City of Denton has solved that problem! Introducing the new “Little d” bike racks located on the Courthouse sidewalk of Elm and Oak Street. These bike racks were unveiled on April 24th prior to Thursday nights Twilight Tunes. The bike racks are a representation of Denton’s passion for music; designed as an eighth note within the lowercase d.

If you’re in love with the “Little d” bike racks like we are, you can thank Denton local Sean Starr, who donated the design. Denton has received a grant thanks to the Denton Downtowners’ proposal for several more bike racks around Denton. When the E. Hickory renovation is complete, it is possible that you will see a few sets of the “Little d” bike racks.

If you feel safer on two feet instead of on two wheels that’s okay, walking is a good way to help you get active as well. Even if you walk instead of bike, stop by the corner of Oak and Elm and check out the new “Little d” bike racks. Whether you are walking or biking you may get to see something you have never noticed when you were driving in your car, such as a mural, beautiful building or bike rack. If you live too far from the Denton Square, there are parking places that are a walkable distance so you could still explore this beautiful city.

While talking to Christina Davis, Marketing Specialist for City of Denton Economic Development/Downtown Development, she explained to me that the “Little d” bike racks are in a test phase at the corner of Oak and Elm, to make sure their location does not obstruct views. Expect to see more “Little d” bike racks in the future!

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