Party at Agua Dulce: Denton Celebrates SXSW Success

In case you didn't know, last week's SXSW was one for the history books for Denton, thanks to the efforts by members of the Discover Denton Welcome Center. Downtown movers and shakers Kim Phillips and Julie Glover took over SXSWInteractive with our Denton exhibit and virtual reality experiences, with a little help from representatives from UNT, TWU, and the Welcome Center itself. 

two people posing next to a discover denton logo on a fake brick wall

Using VR, attendees were able to step into our day to day world for just a moment's glimpse at what we experience on a daily basis. Hundreds of people gathered for an opportunity to utilize this budding technology and left with a memorable experience of our beautiful Downtown culture.

One of the first choices as a user was to decide between a drink at Dan's Silverleaf or a UNT jazz show, two rather fitting inaugural experience for all, visitor or otherwise. 

Overall, the expo was a HUGE success! Our hardworking team garnered rave reviews and plenty of media attention. Like here. And here

As a wrap up to the SXSW 2017 project and for our partners and exhibit team, we're hosting a come-and-go reception on the Agua Dulce restaurant patio, rain or shine - THIS FRIDAY (March 24th) from 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM. This free event will be complete with our VR stations to showcase how SXSW attendees virtually visited and experienced Denton. 

For more information, visit our Facebook event by clicking the button below.

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