Ringing in the New Year with New MSA Members!

As 2017 comes to an end and we look forward to 2018, we'd like to recognize some of our more recent member businesses who joined Denton Main Street Association this past year. We took a moment to stop by their locations for a brief photo op and to learn a bit more about the business and their love for Denton. Read on and meet the newest members of Denton MSA! 


Opened September 2015

Why Denton? " The location and the Downtown Denton vibe are what really drew us here. We wanted to create a nicer spot that you could go to once a week that looks like it's fancy enough to go only once a month.  We hope everyone feels the same!" Adam Wiley, Manager.

Upcoming Events?  For the 12 Days of Christmas, we are offering Christmas mimosas that come with a cranberry liqueur and pine garnish, as well as our own version of a Christmas Eggnog! 


Opened August 2017

Why Denton? " The lack thereof of barriers of entry. Meaning, Denton is the greatest place to try and start something for yourself. There will always be a helping hand to guide you or lift you up to your success. It's incredible! " Jacob Moses, Owner.

Upcoming Events? "The guacamole expires quickly, y'all come buy some! " 


Opened August 2017 (2002 in Fort Worth)

Why Denton? "  The two colleges are a real bonus for us as it provides a great customer draw. However, we do see customers of all backgrounds stop by and check out the place. People are even driving from places like Pilot Point and Aubrey just to go to a vegan restaurant. It's been pleasantly surprising. " Amy McNutt, Owner

Upcoming Events? "Holiday orders are available now through December 23rd. We're putting together full course meals including a vegan turkey, cornbread, mashed potatoes, the works. Stop by the diner and fill your order in today. " 


Opened: November 2017

hy Denton: "e really love the Denton vibe. We know there are other fun places to live and work, but Denton has the tight-knit community and thriving arts scene that are important to us." Tony Barrette, co-owner

"After graduating from UNT in 2013, we each moved back to our home states for jobs. Denton is so special to us that we would often meet up here, especially for the Arts and Jazz Festival which is one of our favorite Denton events. We're proud to call this place home." Jen Guzman, co-owner

Upcoming Events: "Starting this January, we will host monthly jam sessions (jazz) or reading sessions (classical music) in our store, where musicians will take turns playing and enthusiasts can enjoy a unique night of music. There will be limited space, so check tbwinds.com for updates. We are also running a January promotion for first time customers to receive 10% off their first repair when they use the promo code Cheers2018.


Opened 2014 as Center for Ballet Arts, Vault Dance Co. since 2017

Why Denton? " The community and the diversity here is truly amazing. We see all kinds of students here and really enjoy having such a great opportunity to connect with our creatives right here on the square. " Morgan Donovan, Owner. 

Upcoming Events? North Texas Dance Fest coming April 2018 at the Margo Jones building on TWU campus. Submit choreography (all styles welcome) at northtexasdancefest.com


Opened 2017

Why Denton? " We chose Denton because we absolutely fell in love with the community, the landscape, our home and everything in between. Having relocated from Massachusetts, we were worried how we'd get along without some staple favorites. Even then, Denton delivered. Now we spend our family traditional meal together at Rooster's Roadhouse regularly. It's our home away from home Diner, much like Dave's Diner back home. All in all, Denton's a great, welcoming place and we couldn't have been happier to have picked such a great town. " Jeff Gamble, Owner.

Upcoming Events?  I am expanding my services to include High School Senior Portraits. 

Huge thanks to our members, new and old, for choosing to be part of the DMSA family. We are proud to have so many amazing local businesses and community members supporting our Downtown Denton ventures. We look forward to continuing to support you and your endeavors! 



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