Share the Love with Denton MSA Members

Though we love and appreciate our DMSA members year round, we'd like to take this month to take that extra step and share with our community our love for the Downtown Denton business community, as well as opportunities to take advantage of upcoming sales or discounts available. 

We are so excited to share our new approach to the Share the Love season. Our local businesses, including DMSA members, are at the vibrant heart of Downtown Denton. Every service, handcrafted product, or handmade delicious meal comes from the ambitious core of Denton community members. They are how we showcase to friends, family and visitors just exactly why and how much we love Denton. In times of celebration, and more recently in times of need, we congregate on the footsteps of many of these businesses. Thanks to these businesses, we are able to show the world the true meaning of Denton Strong. With these aspects in mind, we as an organization resolved to dedicate February as Share the Love month to showcase and honor these businesses who truly deserve that extra mile of support. 

Each week, we'll showcase member businesses and their services, related promotional events or upcoming sales via social media. We'll also share a piece of history of the business, and learn why they chose Denton and DMSA as their home. Our hope is that moving forward into 2018, our community members feel a deeper connection with Downtown Denton, the local business community, and fellow residents. Let's continue to Share the Love across Denton and onward. 

For more information, stay tuned to our website and social media networks. Save the date for Spring Open House Weekend on March 3rd & 4th to come back for some great springtime finds. 

a picture of a pink heart on a pink background. the heart says "share the love with denton main street association February 2018"

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