So Long Candy Store

For 20 years Dentonians and visitors have treasured stops at The Candy Store for some of the finest chocolates, sweets, coffee  and conversation in Downtown Denton.  This "Mom and Pop" shop has seen a generation grow up in Denton, and before they knew it those little faces peering through the glass were old enough to drive there and pay for their own candy.  

two children looking at candy

For many the shop was truly a step back in time as guests were greeted with smiles and sweets at the opening of the single-paned door.  Guests were tempted by the overwhelmingly tempting assortment of delicious treats stashed in vintage glass candy jars that evoked the feelings of a Norman Rockwell painting with a kid on their tip-toes and one hand in the jar. This place gave a deeper meaning to feeling, "like a kid in the candy store." 

Recently, the Bertelsen's announced their retirement and that the store would be closing at the end of April.  This business, like many in downtowns across America, was a family-run business with all in the family having a hand in day to day business operations.  Almost every morning you could find Joyce and family sitting outside with their coffee talking to friends and customers before the day got busy.  

"I want to thank all of my customers. For 20 years we have had the most loyal customers and we are so grateful to them," said Joyce Bertelsen, owner. 

In their 20 years in Downtown Denton, the family didn't just run a business, they were a major part of downtown's neighborhood.  They sponsored local events, helped with organization fundraisers, and were active members of the Denton Main Street Association (DMSA) since the day they opened.  Joyce's son, Robb, served on the DMSA board and was president for three years.  The Candy Store was a good neighbor and the Denton Main Street Association wishes them the best in retirement. The store will be missed, but we know the Bertelsen family will still be around and we will see them enjoying themselves in Downtown Denton.  

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