Spring Brings New DMSA Members!

We made it to Spring 2019, y’all! Man, this year sure has flown right by us, hasn’t it? With the change of the season, we’ve been fortunate enough to grow our DMSA family a bit more! Read on and learn more about a few of our newest member businesses and new faces to the Downtown Denton community.


Established January 2019

Why did you join DMSA? : “We wanted to have the ability to work with other local businesses and contribute to the community. DMSA appears to be very interactive and proactive at supporting its members.” Kyle Wilson, co-owner.

What's your favorite thing about Downtown Denton? : “The cleanliness and historic feel of all the businesses. Also the strong sense of community and variety of goods and services available.”

Any upcoming events you'd like for us to promote?: We will be doing a Ribbon cutting around the 3rd week of April!


Established in 2019

Why did you join DMSA? : “ Since I am not a native of Denton, I thought it best to learn from those already ingrained in the business of Denton, instead of reinventing the wheel. I would like to be with like minded individuals where shared ideas as well as cross-marketing is a possibility. It's important to me to be part of a community.” Lauren Heber, owner.

What's your favorite thing about Downtown Denton? : “ I love the historic aspect of a downtown/square area in any town. When we moved to this town 2 years ago, I enjoyed the events and festivities, as well as the shopping available in Downtown Denton, so when it came time to open my own store, my immediate thought was to have it on the square. I love that the Denton square is really evolving, and that it provides all the attributes to a wonderful "downtown" area including wonderful restaurants, stores, festivities, events, and community.”

Any upcoming events you'd like for us to promote?:  As we are an Art Gallery, we will have many events in the future. Our goal for the 1st year is to have an event at least every 2 months.

Looking to join DMSA and make an impact in the Downtown Denton community? Visit us today and we’ll help you get started!

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