Summer Lovin' on our New(ish) Members!

We're cruising right into Summer with some new faces added to the DMSA family tree. Downtown is hustling and bustling and growing like weeds in spring; let's meet who's new (to us) and flourishing right here in our neighborhood! 

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Basil's By the Square

How long in Denton? "March 15th was our opening day!" - Laura McCollum, owner. 

Why did you choose Denton as the home for your business? "We love the atmosphere, the community, the people - everything. We’ve been talking about starting this business for the last three years, and I always knew that we would open in Denton." 

Why did you choose to join DMSA? "We joined just to be part of the group; there are so many great opportunities to network and collaborate with fellow members who are also local businesses in town. We all are here for relatively the same reasons- to grow our businesses and share them with the community that we love. Being part of Main Street makes that happen for many of us and it’s great to know that we are supported by such a great organization. "

Have any upcoming events you'd like for us to share? " We are working on a couple of dog rescue pop up shops! So far, we’ve got plans to partner with the Linda McNatt Animal Shelter and the Lake Dallas Animal Shelter as well. More to come as well, as we are very passionate about rescue pets. " 

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How long have you been a Denton business? " We’ve been in Denton since 2012. Dan (Founder) is originally from Chicago and brought the heart of Chicago’s deli scene initially to Grapevine for many years, and then to Denton years later. " - Katie Weinberger, owner and daughter of founder, Dan Weinberger. 

Why did you choose Denton as your business' new home? " We fell in love with the community. A couple of Dan’s kids, my siblings, attended UNT for school and that’s when we got to know Denton better. We were all able to easily connect to Denton’s atmosphere and the people in our own way. "

Why did you join DMSA? " We are and have been very active in the Grapevine community for a number of years with our original shop. If there’s a chamber event or community engagement, you can find us there. When we brought our business to Denton, we knew that we’d want to get as involved as possible here as well and continue to carry that message as Weinbergers. "

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Applejacks Liquor 

-How long have you lived in Denton? " Two years, but I'm originally from Fort Worth. " - Kevin Sanders, owner. 

-How long have you been a Denton business? " One year on May 17th. " 

-Why did you choose to join DMSA? " It’s important to us, as well as our community, to be part of the community around you and give back how you can. We love being part of this Downtown Denton neighborhood, and our neighbors as well. Joining Main Street we felt was the next step in showing our community support. "

-Favorite thing about being a Denton business? " We love the constant engagement opportunities with our customers and clients. Since we’ve opened, we’ve become kind of the go-to wholesale provider for most private businesses that sell alcohol, i.e. local restaurants and bars. We really take pride in knowing that we’ve supported so many fellow local business owners in such a way. "

- Any upcoming events or specials you'd like for us to share? " Be on the lookout for specials and sales on Cinco de Mayo. Also, on most Fridays, we offer liquor and beer tastings, as well as on some Saturdays. Check out our social media or stop by the shop for more information. " 

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Loco Café

How long in Denton? " 7 years as of May 2011. I grew up in Aubrey and have spent a lot of time in Denton. My mother, Janita, who is actually the baker for all three of our restaurants ( Loco is also owned by Ken Currin, owner of Greenhouse Restaurant and Juicy Pig BBQ,) and I have been part of the team since it opened! "

What do you love most about being a Downtown Denton business? " I love getting to see our regulars every day and getting to know who they are. Our customer base has grown over the last few years, and despite that, it still feels like we are in a small town, in our little neighborhood area. It’s really nice. "

Why DMSA? " We wanted to be part of it all, the Downtown Denton group and experience. We love getting to connect with fellow members, network when possible, and just show the community that we love and support them and are going to try and do that how we can when we can. "

Any upcoming events, or specials we should share? " No upcoming events, but we do offer a monthly drink and meal special for our customers to try! We love changing things up to keep things fresh and interesting. "

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