Tips for Parking in Downtown Denton

Parking in downtown Denton (or any thriving city) can be frustrating if you’re not familiar with all the available spots in your area. In this case, it’s important to really know your stuff before you go. 

With limited parking around the town’s main hub, the last thing locals wanted was one of the most sought-after parking areas near the Denton Square to turn into a paid parking lot — but that’s exactly what happened.

Before you head to the paid lot, there are many free options to consider. Check out this handy Downtown Denton Parking Guide from the Denton Main Street Association to discover all the free parking spaces walking distance to all the fun going on downtown.


Free Parking Near Downtown Denton

  • Green:
    • 2-hour parking 8am-5pm weekdays, or unlimited parking evenings and weekends
  • Purple:
    • Street parking is unlimited parking all day, every day
  • Blue “P” letters:
    • Free public parking lots (some do not allow overnight parking)
    • NEW: There is a public parking lot in the new City Development Services Building at the corner of Elm Street and Parkway Blvd. It is only open to the public for free parking on weeknights (after 5pm) and weekends. 

But if you’re feeling desperate after driving 5 laps around the square and still not finding a good (free) spot to park nearby, here’s some tips for using the paid parking lot adjacent to the Wells Fargo building.


Tips for Paid Parking Downtown Denton                   

1) Download the ParkMobile app

The easiest way to park here is by using the app. 

Download the ParkMobile App 

2) Add Your Payment Method to the App

You can use Apple Pay, PayPal or a specific credit card to your account. 

How to Set Up Payment Methods

3) Take Pictures

You’ll need to remember your License Plate, Zone Number and/or Parking Spot Number to complete your parking reservation. So whether you use the app to reserve a spot when you arrive or in advance, take a pic of all three just in case you forget. 

Plus, if you’re like me and go to the Denton square on a regular basis, you tend to forget where you parked because all your frequent visits begin to blur together — and find yourself wandering around downtown looking like a helpless tourist. 

4) Book your parking spot

Once you arrive at the paid parking lot, find a spot and enter the Zone Number or Parking Spot Number into the ParkMobile parking app. Choose the duration of time you want to park and begin your session. 

Enter a Zone Number Now

5) Reserve in advance

Is a big downtown event coming up and you want quick access to all the fun? Or maybe you’re running late to an important meeting and don’t want to waste time browsing for a spot?

Reserve your paid parking spot ahead of time on the app to beat the crowd and ease into your VIP space while everyone else scrounges around to find a place to park. 

Reserving paid parking is also a great option if you plan to visit another city and looking for an easy (and quick) place to park. You’ll just choose the area you’re traveling to, pick an available spot to reserve, and select a date and time to complete your reservation.

You can also find specific types of parking through the app by filtering for spots like covered parking, tailgating, oversized vehicles and more.

Find Reserved Parking

6) Need more time?

Rest assured, you can continue enjoying your time in downtown without the worry of getting a ticket (or towed) for running over your original parking time limit. 

The ParkMobile app will send you an alert when your session is about to expire so you can easily add more time from your phone. 



We hope these paid parking tips provide a quick and easy way to access your time around Downtown Denton. Check out our complete parking guide before planning your next outing. We’ve a great calendar of events offered year-round that are easily enjoyable within a few blocks of your favorite local businesses. 





Author: Courtney Stucky | Aspiro Agency

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