We Learned Our Numbers Did You?

One might ask, what does downtown Denton and a health fair have in common? Well, both aim to create an active and social lifestyle. This week Seniors in Motion, along with many health partners, hosted the first annual “Know Your Numbers” Health Fair for the Denton Main Street Association. This fair was a little different than what some were expecting - it was a fun, social event that took most of our minds off of the actual work we were doing while being screened for heart rate, muscle strength, posture and flexibility, among other things. Some of us never knew how our arm or leg strength measured up to others in our age category, and some of us walked away feeling a bit better after learning those numbers.

We all walked with away with something new. Some of us found we have some work to do to stay where we are or get betters number. Have you ever heard of “tech neck”? Well, some of us learned how to change our posture and prevent future problems. And, the best part is Seniors in Motion has what we need to get started right here in downtown Denton! And, age does not matter in this place – all are welcome and the university student interns there are so helpful.

Like downtown Denton with everything within walking distance, Seniors in Motion is a place that can get you moving and make a workout something that is social and fun. When we work alongside fellow downtown friends or co-workers to change the direction of our numbers, it seems less daunting. What a great opportunity to have a place like this right in our midst. Check them out!

Thank you to Denton Presbyterian Texas Health, Denton Community Health Clinic, Love to Live Well, and the Denton County Health Department for partnering with Seniors in Motion to make the first annual “Know Your Numbers” Downtown Denton Health Fair a success. And, thank you to Garden Gate, Royals Bagels, Chestnut Tree and the Kathy Glasschroeder Agency for the tasty breakfast treats. 

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