Staying Involved Despite a Pandemic

Why take the time to be involved?

Just as air quality affects your health and construction affects your route to work, community involvement affects you and your business. No matter how big or small, every effort you make to get involved has a direct impact on the greater good of your community. 

When your community thrives, so can your business. 

Benefits of being involved:

  • An opportunity to give back to the community that supports your business
  • Build relationships with other local business owners and organization members
  • Establish awareness and brand trust among locals 
  • Free “marketing” opportunity each time you show up in the community
  • Stay in-the-know of what’s going on in your local area
  • Be directly associated with all the fun happenings, events and more put on by the organization
  • Use the organization as a resource to share your voice on issues and needs that are important to you
  • Seek advice or mentorship from fellow local business owners and leaders to help your business grow
  • Take a mental break from the daily grind and use involvement as a wholesome way to make a difference, help others and find your passion.

But the pandemic…

As soon as the pandemic storm came rolling in March 2020, everything seemed to come to a complete halt. Over the next year (and still no definite end in sight), businesses have learned how to pivot where needed and adapt to a new normal. 

So how do you stay involved, despite the pandemic still being in full swing?

Thankfully, we’ve created this handy list of safe, socially-distanced and virtual methods to be an effective Denton Main Street Association member in 2021. 

5 ways to stay safely involved in 2021

1) Join the downtown clean up crew 

Every month, members are invited to volunteer to help clean up the Denton Square grounds. Picking up trash outside is an easy way to stay socially distanced while making a difference to keep downtown a beautiful place. It’s also a great way to safely network with other members. 

Want to participate? Contact us.

2) Volunteer at one of our 10+ annual events 

The DMSA helps put on many downtown events throughout the year. While the pandemic caused some cancellations in 2020, the DMSA has shifted most of those events to meet COVID-19 safety protocols so they can still happen in 2021. 

Whether limiting tickets, going totally virtual, or making other changes for outdoor events, DMSA committee members and volunteers continue to work hard to keep downtown a fun place to be while keeping the community safe.

Check out this list of annual events that volunteers are always needed. 

3) Join a committee

DMSA has 6 committees that you can get involved with: Marketing, Promotions, Membership, Twilight Tunes, and Arts & Autos.

Committees are currently meeting via Zoom every month. It’s a great opportunity to stay connected with the pulse of what’s going on downtown and how you can contribute to the discussion to help make things happen. 

Want to join a committee? Contact us.

4) Follow us on Social Media

We try to stay as engaged as possible via social media, so that our community stays aware of local businesses and their happenings in the Downtown Denton area. Make sure you’ve liked and followed our social media channels so you can share our local businesses with your own online communities. In a few simple likes, saves and re-shares, your fellow online friends can learn more about Downtown Denton and what it has to offer. 

Like us on Facebook

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5) Shop and Share Our Virtual Marketplace 

We know safety and comfort are top priorities for our community members, which can be difficult in navigating how to maintain said priorities while supporting local business. That’s why we’ve created the DMSA Virtual Marketplace, where members are able to sell a selection of their inventory and promote their business on our platform. Offering curbside pickup and local as well as national shipping, our virtual marketplace creates an opportunity for both merchants and customers to operate in a shopping environment that’s not only safe and secure, but supports our local business community as well. 

Shop our Virtual Marketplace today.

Ready to get involved?

Being part of the Denton community is something to be proud of — especially considering how tight-knit we are for such a large town of almost 150,000 residents (and growing). 

When you get involved in your community, you start to take pride in its successes, rejoice in its victories, and desire to step up when the community is in need. And we’ve seen that time and time again this past year with both the pandemic and the winterpolcolypse. 

Together, as we create a happy and thriving place to live, we also pave the way for future generations of local Dentonites to continue growing this community, the local economy, and even local entrepreneurship that keeps the Denton spirit alive.

And it starts with local involvement.

All it takes is your time — get involved, stay involved, and reap the benefits tenfold. 


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Author: Courtney Stucky | Aspiro Agency

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